Coinsa will appeal to Skyline and denies link with current advice

Coinsa will appeal to Skyline and denies link with current advice

Image result for grupo coinsaElche (Alicante), Aug 10 (EFE) .- Francisco Pérez, a lawyer for the Coinsa Group, said today that the group he represents will have recourse to the award by the Valencian Institute of Finance (IVF) of the credit granted by the majority shareholding of Elche CF to the firm Skyline and denied having any connection with the current club council.

The representative of Coinsa explained that his group is willing to invest 41 million euros in the Elche, for what he considers that his offer is “infinitely better” than that of the multinational Qatari, which was chosen by the IVF last Friday as the adjudicataria.

“It’s a good, viable and transparent offer, the IVF should take us into account,” said Pérez, who dissected point by point his group’s proposal to demonstrate that “it’s better than Skyline’s”

“We are supported by justice and reason and we are going to appeal to be the winner, we are not going to sit idly by because it is the best offer for Elche, for the IVF and the one that offers the best guarantees and finances”, explained Pérez. who said that the will of his group is not “to polemicize but to help”.

Pérez assured that there is no link between Coinsa and the club’s current board of directors “beyond a meeting with an exquisite treatment in which we were given all the information of the club” and ensured that his signature “will renew” the governing body of the entity if it obtains the majority shareholding.

“It is possible that we had someone from the current council for their knowledge of the club and the city, we would also be permeable to the presence of prestigious people of the Elche society, but we have not come to leave the control of the club in the hands of anyone.” , he clarified.

Coinsa’s lawyer wanted to apologize to the head of the IVF, Manuel Illueca “or anyone who might have felt offended” by his statement last Saturday, which questioned the transparency and legitimacy of the process of awarding the credit.

“It was a moment of tension in which we wanted to express our discomfort, we believe that Mr. Illueca was not successful in offering a press conference and showing his preferences for an option before the end of the term,” Pérez recalled.

Francisco Perez explained that the offer of his group can reach 41 million in the Elche, with an immediate payment of three million at the signing of the award of the loan, “somewhat superior to what Skyline offers”.

He also defended that the proposal of his group is the only one that guarantees the payment of one hundred percent of the debt with the IVF.

The company is committed to endorse the payment of the European Commission’s debt (4.1 million) and announces its intention to negotiate the termination of the contract with Eventos Pechina, a firm that has half of the players’ transfer rights, after a payment of three million.

He also explained the creation of a schedule of payments to the IVF based on the possible promotion to First of the team, although in the case that it was not achieved in ten years Coinsa will pay the 14.6 million, and a minimum capitalization of the debt of 10,761 .744 euros.

The Coinsa Group also plans works to create a sports city next to the stadium worth six million euros, reform the template with players of the highest level and is committed to finding a sponsor for the shirt for the next ten seasons for a value of 1 , 5 million euros.

The Galician lawyer defended the guarantees presented by his group “backed by firms of the highest international reputation” and revealed that when he presented them, before the deadline, the auditing firm BDO had already issued his verdict in favor of the other option.

“We are serious people and we were disrespected, we see a comparative grievance, but we do not want to polemicize, but to collaborate,” said Pérez, who added that he is struck by “that we are required to provide guarantees while the other offer has not been made. even the deposits. “

Finally, Francisco Pérez confirmed that Luis Oliver, disqualified for his management at Betis, maintains a friendly relationship with the group “to whom he advises on sports matters”.