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President Bashir ICC indictment deferral

How legitimate is AU campaign for deferral of el Basher’s indictment

 Monday, September 29, 2008

By Ngor Arol Garang

As individuals with assistance from other worlds struggle to establish democracy in the continent of Africa, power hungry, ruthless and not trusted individuals who are caught up in dilemma for committing or have committed the similar atrocities in their respective countries, continues to drive AU against its mandate and quest to cover up individuals believed to be behind genocides, war crimes  and  world worst recorded atrocities being  committed daily by elements in the Basher’s regime  in Darfur since March 2003 when war erupted in the region.

The on going AU campaign and push for deferral of el Basher’s indictment in the middle of October surprises many people to baffle and question the legitimacy around this AU campaign for deferral of el Basher’s indictment.

 Again, I ask these African leaders who are actively engaged in pushing for deferral of the indictment of President Basher that how legitimate is this campaign for deferral of the official indictment due in month’s time.

 I find it hard to apprehend motives of why some African leaders are pushing for deferment of the indictment of Mr. Basher?

 I repeat that I really find it hard to understand why African leaders are behind el Basher yet he is still committing a lot of atrocities daily in Darfur?

Are African leaders not able to see on their televisions atrocities being committed by Basher’s forces in Darfur daily for the sake of leadership?

 Who is important one person or group of people like those being killed daily in Darfur with Kalma incident still being fresh as dead bodies are not yet rotten?

 Their active participation to push for deferral of Basher indictment tells other worlds that it is hard for Africa to adopt democracy since Basher’s indictment is being rallied against.

Yes, I understand reasons as part of these may be that African leaders are weary of the implications of such indictment on their own positions.

For if you indict Basher, one should also think of indicting Mugabe or Mwai Kibaki of Kenya who had just rigged Kenyans election in last December that resulted to death of thousands of innocent Kenyans who had wisely voted him out of state house or question President Museveni of Uganda to explain the alleged involvement of the UPDF in human rights abuses in Northern Uganda, Southern Sudan and in the DRC.

I repeat that they belief taking Basher to court, tells them that one should not ignore the mass murders in Kenya early this year following the Bloody elections.

Not only Kenya but one should not forget to call Rwanda's Paul Kagame to answer his role during the 1994 genocide?

Though these are what individuals like me sees as obvious reasons to why AU is trying to get Basher off the hook, it still pains to ask question that when will Africans embrace democracy?

Africans should better learn from recent South Africa‘s case that resulted to resignation of the head of state, Mr.  Mbeki, for having involved in political conspiracy shaded by allegations around rape and corruptions charges against current ANC leader, Mr. Jacob Zuma.  His recent official resignation sends out signal of defeat and right of democracy.

This should serve as great example to all other African leaders so that perpetrators of genocide and/or war crimes individual being hunted by the general population should not be protected by such credible organization like AU.

Covering Basher is not only a denial of justice and rule of law but a great shame on the continent?

Therefore, as an individual, considering the lives being deliberately lost daily in Darfur by Khartoum regime of Mr. Basher, I support nothing than ICC push for the indictment and ignore AU attempt. This is an organization that cannot even help itself against anything.

This guy, the so called Mr. Basher, should be hanged without wasting time listening to unnecessary claims from the so called AU which he will address tomorrow in Ghana.

The Author is The Juba Post Journalist.  He can be reached at ngoraguot@yahoo. com.  Views expressed here are not of the paper but personal that iam responsible for them than the paper.  




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