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11th April, 2011
To: Cde Suzanne Jambo
SPLM National Secretary for External Relations
Cc. Cde Pagan Okiech
SPLM Secretary General
Cc. Cde Alesio Clement
SPLM Deputy Secretary for Diaspora and Chapters
Cc. All Members of SPLM in Canada

Subject: Dissolution of SPLM Canada care-taker Office and Canada Conventions

Dear Comrade Suzanne Jambo,
Revolutionary greetings to you and all at External Relations! It is with an immense sense of humility and humbleness that I received your letter dated April 7th stating the dissolution of the office of the Representative in Canada and calling for Country-Canada wide convention to be held within a month.

The right approach for your decision could have been through consultations with the office of Acting Representative in Canada, guided by democratic principles of which SPLM party and its members upholds. In a situation where disagreements exist as the case was between some SPLM chapter leaders who overstayed their terms in office and the office of Acting Representative, your office could have transparently offer suggestions or appoint a team of mediators to help bring the disagreements into a peaceful end so that the party can move forward in a united manner. However, your decision appears to have been influenced by some SPLM chairpersons whose agenda is not clear to the vision of SPLM.

Recall that the office of Acting representative has already initiated a process through a teleconference aimed to organize the party in Canada through a bottom-up approach and to call a convention after July as suggested by you. The process to dissolution of SPLM acting representation in Canada should have been transparent with both views taken into considerations and not in the absence of the acting representative. This is humiliating to the SPLM office I represent, disrespectful, unfair and not in compliance with SPLM vision for free, fair, and democratic process. SUDAN PEOPLES’ LIBERATION MOVEMENT (SPLM) Canada Please find below some of the highlights and concerns I would like to respectfully bring to the attention of your esteemed office:

 Organization of SPLM Canada from city level to Country level
 Coup by chapters that overstayed their terms in office:
 Formation of Conventions Caretaker Committee
 Venues of Provincial and Country Conventions.

Organization of SPLM CANADA from city level to country level:

As per your directive to all SPLM chapters in Canada (2009), we are required to organize chapters from the city level to the country level. Most chapters in Canada abided by this directive except the few chapters highlighted in the table below. I have received numerous complaints from members of the general assemblies of the chapters regarding the refusal and delaying tactics of their respective chapter leaders. I sent numerous letters to such chapters as well as talked to them arguing them to act and implement the wishes of the general assemblies of the people they represent and the principals of SPLM Vision. However, all these efforts from the office of Acting Representative has been ignored and not taken serious. Your office should have reinforced my efforts to ensure that SPLM Vision is consistently implemented instead of rushing into dissolving the office of acting representative with limited information.

Coup by chapters that overstayed their terms in office:

Chapters that overstayed their terms in office and refused to call a general elections ganged up against the Acting Representative and pushed for a country convention while refusing to organize the party on a city level first as we in the SPLM believe in a bottom up approach in our organization. I had repeatedly told them that they cannot build a house from the roof to the foundation. This is the Vision of SPLM party. I had also told them that all overstayed chapters who refused to call general elections will not participate as delegates in both the provincial and country conventions. How could this bottom-up approach be implemented in just a month in a normal, transparent and democratic manner? On the eve of the recent teleconference called by Cde Gordon Ajak, ranking on top of these overstayed leaders despite the fact that I told them to cancel it until I come from Brooks Alberta where I was invited to give a speech on behalf of SPLM Canada. Gordon and the group proceeded with the teleconference and SUDAN PEOPLES’ LIBERATION MOVEMENT (SPLM) Canada made a coup. You have rewarded him for actions that are not in line with SPLM vision. What is interesting is that Gordon Buay posted in the SPLM-Diaspora forum two days before the said teleconference that some chapters in Canada are going to call a teleconference that week-end and remove me as the acting representative. Everything said by this whistleblower became true as revealed from his report to the media quoted subsequently: “ Dear all, As I promised last year, the SPLM Party, under the leadership of Lt. Gen. Salve Kier Nayarit, removed Felix Demo from the position of SPLM Representative to Canada effective from April 7th, 2011..”(Gordon Buy). I want to trust as a matter of SPLM party administrative principals that planning of SPLM internal matters shouldn't have been involved irrelevant parties instead of strictly being confined to the leadership of the party concerned. This is true for the future good of the SPLM party and its vision. Chapters in Canada are going to call a teleconference that week-end and remove me as the acting representative. Everything said by this whistleblower became true.

Formation of Conventions Caretaker Committee:

It is obviously constructive to put together a team for the caretaker but again, the office of the SPLM Acting representative should have been consulted and participated in the process. The fact that the process wasn't transparent and the putting together of this team was done in absence of the Acting representative, brings in question the motives of the individuals whose names were submitted for Convention Caretaker Committee. Recall that the Acting representative has been working closely with good number of dedicated SPLM members and supporters for the past years. Some of these active and hardworking SPLM members and supporters could have been nominated by the office of Acting Representative and given a chance to participate in such a Committee.

It is also worth-note that two members of the caretaker committee are in Sudan on their personal mission. How effective can they organize the convention in Canada by proxy, in less than a month?

Venues of Provincial and Country Conventions:

It is logical for the convention to take place in Alberta where majority of SPLM chapters and members exist. The idea for the convention venue to take place in Ottawa isn't democratic or reflective of the will of the people represented by the leaders. Also, SPLM members need to undergo a smooth transition through SUDAN PEOPLES’ LIBERATION MOVEMENT (SPLM) Canada education in order to appreciate the future difference of the SPLM two sectors following July 9, 2010. This in part can be accomplished through the coming of Yasir Arman or Malik Agar who can visit chapters throughout Canada. All these cannot be accomplished in a month by any rational ways. Please see below for more understanding of the SPLM Canada members and concentration and chapter activities.

Number of registered SPLM members in Canada as per 2007 annual report. This is with exception to the newly formed chapters of St. Johns and Halifax as well as the two city chapters of Lethbridge and Medicine Hat which are in formation s under leadership of James Ring Akot and Zaki Suleiman Zaki respectively. The current status of active and inactive chapters is also included in the table below.

There are seven (7) provinces in Canada where we have SPLM city chapters: See table below. Given the vast country like Canada, some provinces have few registered members of the SPLM. It is therefore common sense that the country convention is done in a province with the highest number of delegates. See tables below. Any ordinary and prudent person can comprehend these.

Chapter by Chapter: Members, delegates, last elections date & status No Chapter Members Number Of Delegates Last General Election Status, Comment & Recommendation 1 Calgary, AB 499 14.97 = 15 Dec. 2008 INACTIVE Is in the process of conducting general elections before the convention (s). 2 Edmonton, AB 183 5.49= 5 Dec 2011 ACTIVE 3 Brooks, AB 80 2.40= 2 Jul. 2009 ACTIVE 4 Red Deer, AB 34 1.02= 1 Aug. 2007 INACTIVE Overstayed their term in office. Needs to call general elections before conventions 5 Saskatoon, SK 25 0.75= 1 ACTIVE 6 Regina, SK 73 2.19= 2 2007 INACTICE Needs a lot of work. Chairperson and SUDAN PEOPLES’ LIBERATION MOVEMENT (SPLM) Canada many executives went to Sudan without informing office of the representative 7 Winnipeg, MB 80 2.40= 2 Mar. 2008 INACTIVE Is preparing to call general elections before conventions 8 Vancouver, BC 52 1.56= 2 Sep. 23rd,2006 INACTIVE Needs to call general elections before conventions 9 Ottawa, ON 27 0.81= 1 Jan 27, 2007 NO RECORD in my office other than 2007 10 Toronto, ON 67 2.01= 2 INACTIVE Needs to call general elections before conventions 11 Kitchener, ON 35 1.05= 1 Sep 2010 INACTIVE Needs to call general elections before conventions 12 London, ON No Record No Record INACTIVE Since 2006 to date, they did not submit a single report to the office of the representative. Needs to call general elections before conventions 13 Windsor, ON 168 5.04= 5 INACTIVE Needs to call general elections before conventions 14 Hamilton, ON 43 1.29= 1 Mar. 2007 INACTIVE Does not want to call an election and SUDAN PEOPLES’ LIBERATION MOVEMENT (SPLM) Canada is member of the committee appointed by SPLM External Relations. 15 St. John, NF 26 0.78= 1 2010 ACTIVE 16 Halifax, NS 25 0.75= 1 2010 ACTIVE Approximate SPLM members and delegates in each of the Seven Provinces. Province Members Number of Delegates (3%) Per Guidelines Number of voting delegates Alberta 796 23.88 24 Saskatchewan 98 2.94 3 Manitoba 80 2.4 2 British Columbia 52 1.56 2 Ontario 340 10.22 10 Newfoundland and Labrador 26 0.78 1 Nova Scotia 25 0.75 1

There are approximately 1417 registered members of SPLM in Canada as per 2007 annual report.

 Note that the current number of registered SPLM in Canada is about approximately 2500 with about 400 in Ontario and 1600 in Alberta alone.
 As per the Diaspora guidelines, only 3% of registered members are to be delegates to the convention. Based on above data, it is clearly logical for the convention to take place in Alberta and my recommendation could have been Calgary or Edmonton. Once more, I would like to thank you and your team for this opportunity and for valuing my efforts during my term of service. It could have not been possible if not for the support and priceless efforts of chapter leaders and honorable members that we were able to accomplish what we have done for the past few years in Canada.

Thanks for your intention to recommend me to any job opportunity of my choice. I will always call you if I have any intention to look for a job in the Republic of South Sudan. In the meantime I will continue to serve my party as a dedicated member as well as our New Nation to be borned, come January 9th, 2011.

Thank you,

May God bless our new nation of South Sudan and may God bless SPLM party.

Cde Felix Alfred Dumo
SPLM Acting Representative to Canada
Calgary, AB
Tel. 403-903-6054 (Mobile)
E-mail: dumofelix@yahoo.com


"Promoting Peace and Dialogue among citizens"

Press Release

Wednesday February 2, 2011

On behalf of SSCCIA and my own behalf I would like to congratulate and salute the President Salva Kiir Mayardit and the people of South Sudan for voting 99.57% in South Sudan for separation and worldwide for 98 % for independence of the Republic of South Sudan. Our dream and campaign for independence became a reality when you turn out at the polling stations across the country and in diaspora. The results announced last January 30,2011 and today February 2, 2011 will never change even when miracles strike referendum office in Khartoum.

SSCCIA appreciate and thanks our leaders in the republic of South Sudan under leadership of General Salva Kiir Mayardit for leading our people to the final destination of our struggle, the SPLM party and its Secretariat will not be forgotten in our history of struggle and in coming out openly in support of separation and independence of the Republic of South Sudan. SSCCIA salute all the opposition parties especially our separatists who supported without shame and fear to campaign for separation during the intimidation and fear period inserted by NCP and their collaborators within South Sudan.

I also congratulates the National Congress Party under the leadership of the President of Northern Sudan Omar Bashir for having accepted and acknowledge the wishes and aspirations of the people of South Sudan which they expressed by voting in favor of independence of the Republic of South Sudan. our President of the Republic of South Sudan General Salva Kiir Mayardit always said and quote " South Sudan is not going to be taken outside Sudan or to India ocean but it is going to remain in Sudan " Yes he is right and what we in the Republic of South Sudan and SSCCIA in particular is calling for the National Congress Party and its leadership is not to in stabilize the new nation of South Sudan but to live in harmony as good neighbors.

Now we have our own nation, our task is for each South Sudanese citizen or individuals to contribute and be part of developing process in the Republic of South Sudan, maintaining peace and fighting corruption, illiteracy, tribalism, health problems and inequalities in representation should be our priorities. We must unite against the above odds of our society and we must not entertain poor and selfish leaders to mislead the new nation and escape with our national resources for their personal interests.

The daughter of Akol Dit Akol from Northern Bahr El Ghazal state told me that "tribalism/gabiliya ma bi silu nina gidam" and hence her voice is right and we must all stand firm against tribalism as we stood against unity of Sudan together and opting for independence of the Republic of South Sudan. Together we can win and develop equally with no more marginalization of the marginalized people of the Republic of South Sudan.

I also call upon the government of the Republic of South Sudan and our President General Salva Kiir to continue with his spirit of peace and insert more efforts in bringing peace in Jongolei, Unity and Upper Nile states. The dialogue between the government of South Sudan and their brothers like renegades General George Athor and others should continue and a final solution should be reach before we lift the national flag of the Republic of South Sudan in July 09,2011 or whatever day our government of South Sudan chooses as the best day for declaration of our independence. July 09, 2011 should not be the day when the people of South Sudan are divided and scattered throughout the bushes of South Sudan but that day should be a day for all South Sudanese with no population and citizen should be left in hiding and in suspicious . Abyei protocol should be implemented and failure to implement by NCP. SSCCIA will call and urge for a decree to be declared by the president of the Republic of South Sudan returning Abyei back to its people and land.

I salute all our South Sudan national forces across the Republic of South Sudan, those in peace mission in the Northern Sudan for maintaining peace and tranquility in the country during the referendum and after , your sleepless nights had finally been paid by 98 % of the ballots casted by South Sudanese people across the globe for separation and independence of South Sudan, in acknowledgement of your suffering and as a gift for our murdered legendary leaders like Father Saturnino Lohure Hilangi and Dr.John Garang De Mabior ,heroes and heroines’ who shaded their blood in the liberation struggle for the Republic of South Sudan both inside and across Africa.

In conclusion I want to salute our SSCCIA separatist members and supporters across the world that the fight we took was not an easy task, the risks we took are permanent and dangers we are facing are always with us and our families ,the enemies of peace and separation will remember us by our words and writings but I urge you not to give up the struggle for a good cause and a just fight for your community and the voiceless people of the world and South Sudanese in particular. I extend my salutation and congratulations to the Religious leaders in the Republic of South Sudan and the civil society organizations, youths and women for their tireless efforts in the referendum campaign and mobilizing our people for separation and independence which all of us realized the outcome on January 30,2011 and the whole world had proven the people of South Sudan as right and peaceful citizens with unique leadership style under the SPLM and President of the Republic of South Sudan, Commander in Chief SPLA His Excellency Salva Kiir Mayardit. Your labor is the key to success for the past referendum of January 2011 and independence of the Republic of South Sudan.

I call upon International Community, the UN,IGAD and EU to support the people of South Sudan, the SPLM leadership and the South Sudan legislative Assembly, and the government of South Sudan during this difficult period of transition from unity to their own independence nation where they will be responsible for all issues pertaining to South Sudan.

God bless you all.

Struggle peace and dialogue continues.

Charles Pioneson
South Sudan Concern Citizens
International Association (SSCCIA)

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"For South Sudan Independence and Freedom from Unity with Khartoum plus all Northerners"



This website belong to you and the people who support South Sudan Independent from oppressive regime in Khartoum.The genocide in South Sudan is neglected and there is no indictment for those who committed these crimes against humanity,war crimes and crimes against Southern Sudanese people both freedom fighters  who fought for their natural and constitutional rights to have their independent state free from oppressive and successive government in Khartoum . There is no accountability for innocent civilians murdered in cold blood by Khartoum over 5 decades since 1955 Torit uprising in South Sudan.

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